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Comprehensive Real Estate Training

There are good solid reasons why PropNex Singapore have grown to where it is today with close to 12,000 agents at the end of 2022.

Both PropNex Singapore (company level) and the Powerful Negotiators Group (the largest and most powerful group in Propnex), have very comprehensive training programmes & workshops to cater to the diverse learning & training needs of their property agents. They are aligned to the different stages of the property agents’ real estate career, learning interest and area of specialisation. The  training programmes are constantly revamped and updated in the evolving real estate industry. This is extremely important for personal growth and for those who are seeking a solid platform to grow their team.

Please click here to refer to the list of training programmes that are exclusive to property agents of the Powerful Negotiators Group.

Consumer Empowerment Seminar

PropNex Singapore regularly conducts consumer empowerment seminars to engage and empower consumers in their real estate investment journey. Your clients get the opportunity to learn from these thought-provoking seminars and these are wonderful platforms for you to continue to engage with your clients…..


Powerful Cutting-edge Apps & Calculators to Facilitate Closing


Where else can you find a PA who is meticulous and accurate? PropNex is the FIRST real estate agency ever to develop the revolutionary Calculators function for our salespersons! “So glad I have my PA can help me with all the calculations. Thus, when I am with my clients, I have the numbers at my fingertips,” 

The cutting-edge technology in PropNex differentiated our salespersons from the rest. With the IT enhancement, information flows swiftly in split seconds. There is no better way to provide more timely services and accurate information to our clients.

Grabtagger :

Since launching back in March 2019, our GrabTagger function in the PA App has become one of the FAVOURITE Functions amongst our PropNex salespersons!  It allows salespersons to locate nearest available tagger, fix appointments and close deals faster & efficiently. This is a MUST HAVE function for all real estate salespersons focusing in the new homes market. Besides the innovation of “grabbing” the best project taggers for our clients, the function has helped our salespersons CLOSE MORE DEALS, with PropNex continuing to LEAD in the project marketing segment in Singapore!


Personalised Mobile New Projects Website:

PropNex is the FIRST real estate agency ever to develop the revolutionary function to generate a personalized Mobile New Projects Website for each of our 12,000 salespersons! 

  • Lots of Sharing Sessions by the Champions
  • Discover about the proven & effective framework on succeeding in this career and achiveve 7 figures sales per annum.

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