The Most Important Decision To Make After You Pass Your RES Exam – Which Property Agency to Join ?


Check Which Property Agency To Join 

Passing the RES exam is a significant accomplishment, felicitationsYou have done the tough work. Now is the time to stitch in the smart work, which starts with understanding and deciding which property agency to join, as all agencies aren’t reliable enough to be worth your talent. According to Council of Estate Agencies (CEA), there are currently around 30,000 agents in Singapore, so in order to excel among the rest, it’s important to select the best agency and mentor to shorten your learning curve.

Ingredients of Perfect Property Agency 

  1. Environment (people, team, mentor)
  2. Digitalization 
  3. Quality Training 
  4. New Opportunities 

Let’s begin with the most important thing to consider while deciding which property agency to join. 


The Team 

It is arguably the most important criterion when considering which property agency to join. First, your team should be generous and helpful in every situation. 

As a fresh agent, you will hit many roadblocks, and clearing them on your own is an uphill battle.

People care most about the quality of service you provide them as an agent. However, many realize later in their careers that the people around them matter far more than they had thought. Being around coworkers who are better than you and who can inspire you to reach new heights every day is essential.

Quality doesn’t just mean numbers and sales. It means the attitude people develop in the industry and the ethics they uphold over time. 

Such people lift you when you’re down and celebrate your success. Join a FUN and POSITIVE group so that your journey in this exciting career won’t be alone. 


The Mentor 

Having a great mentor can transform your standing as a real estate agent. Especially a mentor with proven sales record could shorten your learning curve with the proven strategies. Always beneficial to explore this as you do not wish to have just another generic training as what were being offered by all agencies. 

An essential quality of a great mentor is that they make you an even better version of what you want to become. The mentors who rigorously train new real estate agents and help them overcome obstacles are the best in the business. 

With the right tips, you can enhance your cooperation with your mentor and increase your chances of success. 

They inspire you to achieve your short-term targets while keeping your long-term goals in mind. Just because they’ve made lots of sales doesn’t make them great mentors. 

A great mentor is knowledgeable, empathetic, inspiring, and genuinely interested in your growth as a real estate agent. Finding a quality mentor can help you understand which property agency to join and make your decision much more accessible. Find out more about Kelvin group.


Digitalization and Tech Incorporation 

Technology has become necessary in our times, and there is no escape. Good real estate organisations embrace this change and employ it to their benefit. If you are still outsourcing your digital marketing to 3rd party, it’s time to stop and start to take control of own business.

For instance, real estate apps have changed the face of the industry and have made it accessible to millions of people in no time.

Technology helps? how …

Before the advent of technology in the real estate sector, there was a lot of frustrating paperwork that clients had to go through to finalize transactions. 

They had to visit the office themselves and bring everything with them. However, technology has made it as easy as a click because people can do everything from the comfort of their homes now.

Real estate agents have had to perform many repetitive tasks, such as daily marketing and prospecting, which took much time and effort. 

Fortunately, technology has automated all of it, so they have more time to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs and bring more value to the table than ever before. They can now focus on meeting with their clients and giving time to their loved ones.

What sort of digitalization you’d look for …

Anyone can build an app these days, but what separates good apps from bad ones is how much they help real estate agents achieve their goals more efficiently and help them save time, energy, and money. 

Working hard is vital, but so is working smartly. 

When you think about which property agency to join, look for companies that embrace this message. 

Quality Training 

As a fresh realtor wondering, which property agency to join, remember that quality company training can make all the difference in your career. It provides new agents with the necessary tools to flourish in their jobs and gives them the confidence to go out and perform well. 

There are different types of training, and a good company should expose you to all of them. Check out more about Propnex Training platform.

Fundamental Real Estate Training 

A real estate agent can only become an expert by first learning the industry’s fundamentals. This training has everything from day-to-day real estate skills to securing exclusives for marketing, selling, and negotiating. 

Regular boot camps must be arranged to give real estate agents a refresher course.

Advanced Real Estate Training 

Once an agent has shown satisfactory performance in basic training, it is time to switch them to the next level. 

It involves moving them away from a transactional mindset to an advisory role. It teaches real estate agents about property wealth planning, through which they can build their wealth. They can use that knowledge to guide their clients on how to build wealth through real estate.

Digital & Social Media Marketing 

Without digital and social media marketing knowledge, it will be nearly impossible for real estate agents to succeed in the years to come. 

Multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc., can help real estate agents take their game to the next level. 

Therefore, when you’re weighing your options and wondering which property agency to join, choose a company that includes these courses in training.

New Opportunities 

When you’re thinking about which property agency to join, focus on the projects they have in the pipeline in Singapore for you to explore and become an expert at your job. 

Project sales bring in healthy commissions that are no less than 2% and sometimes go up to 10%, although it comes with a few caveats.

Quality real estate agencies have strong communication channels, which gives them access to first-hand information before anyone else. It helps them be the first to secure highly beneficial deals.

There was a time when project launches weren’t the most significant thing, and realtors were trained for resale transactions for private properties and HDB. 

Therefore, it takes a lot of work to venture into a new arena of project launches. However, it provides an incredible opportunity for property buyers as it has the potential to earn mega profits.

Wrap Up

As a new real estate agent with many dreams, it is crucial to pick the right agency by thinking deeply about which property agency to join. You need to keep four fundamental things in mind, as described above: the people, the training, the use of technology, and the opportunities provided to you. 

An agency providing a balanced combination of all these is worth looking into.



Choose A Mentor With Proven Sales Track Record To Replicate The Model & Accelerate Your Growth Today! Step By Step Guides & 1 to 1 Coaching. 


Kelvin Ch’ng, Associate Division Director at Propnex, is a Top Producer in Propnex – the largest real estate agency in Singapore, with more than 12,000 agents. He has won numerous awards in the company, multiple yearly millionaire achiever (from personal sales, not from overriding) and was ranked the TOP No.4 producer in the entire company for year 2021 out of more than 12,000 salesperson.

Kelvin has strong passion in real estate, and have assisted many clients to grow their wealth through property investment, and also many high net worth overseas clients to manage their property portfolio, from high end residential, to Grade A offices and shophouses. Read more about Kelvin here.

If you are an aspiring real estate entrepreneur, be it new RES or experienced agents, if you are looking for a breakthrough in your career & looking for a mentor with proven track record & strategies, let’s meet up for a 1 to 1 session to understand more.

TOP No 2 Producer in 2022 Out of 12,000 Agents in Propnex, The Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore

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